Advanced Center Stage Camp

Level up your acting skills this summer

Ages 11-14

July 8-12 & 15-19, 2024 (2 weeks)

9:00 am-4:00 pm

Bellarmine University


Go Beyond the Basics to Develop Your Talent

If you're entering grades 6-9 and are ready to dive deeper into the world of theatre, this camp is the place for you! In the mornings, you’ll work to devise and perform original works that you create with other students. In the afternoons, you’ll rehearse a one-act play to present for your friends and family. Join us in Advanced Center Stage Camp to build a community of actors and grow in your skills!

This camp is open to young actors who have previously performed in at least two plays (at school or elsewhere). Beginning actors are welcome in any of our other camps.

What Students Are Saying

“[This camp] made me feel professional and gave me an idea of what I want to do with my life.”

“I liked the community we built and the friends I made. It was very welcoming.”

“Thank you for teaching me all I know about acting. . . . I could not be any more grateful for what you have done for me.”

Real comments from Advanced Drama Camp students

This Summer's Performance

We try to challenge actors in different ways each year at Advanced Center Stage Camp. This summer, we'll be performing two short comedies, which means that each student will get to develop two completely different characters. Please note that our plans are subject to change based on enrollment.

Play # 1: Spit It Out

Maddie Jankowski worries about everything. Her sister makes fun of her for it while her mom is concerned. As for Maddie, she just wants people to leave her alone. But what will happen when Maddie's fears start to get in the way of life, including her relationship with the gorgeous, brilliant guy in Algebra class? This dark comedy explores the things we worry about and the ways we cope with them . . . or don't.

Play # 2: The Snow White Mystery

Everybody loves Snow White. Everybody, that is, except the one who tried to kill her. Was it the jealous queen, the charming fiance, or one of the dwarves? When you're royalty, everybody has something to gain by getting you out of the way. Now, it's up to the kingdom's two best detectives to solve the case . . . before the queen says "off with their heads"! This fairy tale whodunit will provide a fun counterpoint to the more serious themes of "Spit It Out."

How to Register

Visit Bellarmine University's website to register your student. Select "Continue as Guest." On the next screen, choose "Spouse or Dependent," then "Summer 2024 Continuing Ed," then "CE Youth." Pick course CEYU-270, "Advanced Center Stage Drama Camp," and "Add to Cart." You'll now see a message at the top of the screen informing you that there's 1 course in your shopping cart, with a link that says "Click here if you are ready to check out." Follow that link to enter your student's registration information and pay for the camp.

Level up your acting skills this summer!