Acting Like a Professional

Learn the techniques used by actors as they prepare roles

  • Artist Residency
  • Grades 6-12
  • 5 Sessions x 50 Minutes
  • Up to 30 Students
  • 1000

These workshops will help students understand and practice the fundamentals of “Method” Acting. We'll start off with an introduction to the actor's instrument with exercises in vocal and physical expression. Then we'll discuss acting techniques including concentration, actions, objectives, sensory and emotional memory, characterization, subtext, and expectations! Plus, we'll use classroom exercises, improvisation, and open scenes to give students hands-on practice with every skill we cover.

1. Expressive Movement

We'll encourage students to make full use of their voices and bodies through a series of physical and vocal warmups. Students will continue to express themselves in a series of collaborative movement exercises.

2. Inside Out

Young actors often feel like the need to "perform" when they step onstage, resulting in stilted and unnatural portrayals. We'll help students see how concentrating on real actions in an imagined situation can help them deliver a truthful performance.

3. Acting Like a Professional

We'll dive into the world of objectives, tactics, and obstacles. Students will rehearse and perform open scenes to practice their newfound skills.

4. Building a Character

Most of us don't practice becoming a different person very often--but when your director hands you a script, that's exactly what you need to do! This workshop will give students hands-on experience in using internal and external resources to build a character.

5. Emotional Acting

What happens when your character needs to have an intense experience onstage--say, mourning a loss or avenging a betrayal? Setting high expectations with your objective, as well as using the techniques of sensory and emotional memory, can help.

$250 is the cost for a single workshop. If you schedule all 5 workshops at the same school during the same academic year, you'll receive a discount, which is reflected in the price shown above.


Prices are subject to change. A travel charge applies for destinations outside of a 20-mile radius from our office near downtown Louisville.