Comedy Improv Artist Residency

Learn How to Be Funny Without a Script

  • Artist Residency
  • Grades 6-12
  • 10 Sessions x 50 Minutes
  • Up to 30 Students
  • 1600

In this free-flowing, hands-on workshop, your students will learn to play hilarious improv games, just like on the old TV show Whose Line Is It, Anyway? Comedy Improv is a lot of fun and gives students a new performance technique in its own right. But improv can also help student actors develop collaboration skills, spontaneity, confidence, and stage presence for their script-based work. Because of the nature of Comedy Improv, the session descriptions below should be seen as a rough outline which is subject to change.

1. Introduction to Improv

We'll practice the bare bones of effective improv, including "Yes, And" and CROW (Character/ Relationship/ Objective/ Where).

2. Collaboration

Actors will practice working together and build their trust for one another. Effective collaboration is an indispensable part of good improv!

3. Improv Games

This session will introduce students to the first improv games of the sort that they might perform in front of an audience. Games include "World's Worst" and "Press Conference."

4. Storytelling

A good improviser doesn't just tell jokes onstage--he or she creates a short story with a beginning, middle, and end. We'll discuss ways to introduce and resolve conflict in improv scenarios.

5. Expressiveness and Collaboration

Many young improvisers are instinctively scared of two things: Wholeheartedly committing to the work, and trusting others to create scenes. We'll do a few exercises to help students understand why it's important to overcome their fears.

6. More Improv Games

This is the class everyone's been waiting for! We'll dive into some more advanced performance games, including "Soapbox," "Foreign Poet," and "Blind Date."

7. Still More Improv Games

Students will practice more games for performance, including "Pop-Up Storybook" and "What I Should Have Said."

8. Even More Improv Games

We'll introduce the improvisers to "ABC Styles," "Foreign Movie," and "Returns Department."

9. Improv Games Practice

It seems counterintuitive that something as spontaneous as improv requires practice, but actually, it's essential. The more students practice the games, the better they'll do in front of an audience.

10. Comedy Improv Class Showcase

Students will perform an improv showcase for an invited audience of family and friends!

$250 is the cost for a single workshop. The price shown above reflects a discount for hosting all 10 sessions.


Prices are subject to change. A travel charge applies for destinations outside of a 20-mile radius from our office near downtown Louisville.