Peace Games

Bring Kids Hands-On Experience with Conflict Resolution

  • Performance
  • Grades K-5
  • 60 minutes
  • Up to 100 Students
  • 375

We’ve never met a kid who doesn’t love to play games!

Peace Games uses large-group games and fun, interactive demonstrations to deliver an impactful message about conflict resolution. We empower students with the skills to resolve disagreements as a way to build peace in their classrooms, their friendships, and their homes.

What Students Will Experience

Go, Go, Go

It's a walking race with a twist: the winner is not the person who crosses the finish line first. Instead, it's the person who can stop the quickest! When you disagree with someone, it's also important to be able to stop. Take a break and cool off before you do something you'll regret!

Visual Telephone

A team of students work to pass a message from one person to the next using only body language. Will the correct message make it to the end of the line? This game reminds students that listening to others is a key part of conflict resolution. Without it, you'll never find a solution to the problem.


Two space aliens are so mad that they're about to start blasting at each others' flying saucers! Still, they want to find peace: the problem is that they don't speak the same language. This demonstration emphasizes the importance of using words to share your perspective in a conflict. Don't expect the other person to read your mind.

Foot Race

Teams will compete to pass a beanbag from one student to the next as quickly as possible. What's the catch? The beanbag can only be moved using your feet! Just like in the game, disagreements can only be resolved when people work together. When cooperation happens, you can find a win-win solution!

Empower your students with the skills to resolve conflicts for a peaceful school climate!


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