Registration and Payment Policies

The following policies apply to all registrants for Drama by George LLC’s student programs.

1. WE DO NOT ACCEPT UNPAID REGISTRATIONS. You must pay your child’s program tuition at the same time you submit your a registration form. (For most programs, registration forms are accepted online only.) If you submit a form without payment, paid registrations will take priority over yours until we receive your funds. Any student whose tuition is not paid in full five business days before the program begins will not be able to participate.

2. STUDENTS MUST HAVE A CURRENT AND VALID SIGNED PARENT PERMISSION FORM ON FILE WITH DRAMA BY GEORGE BEFORE THEY MAY PARTICIPATE IN ANY OF OUR PROGRAMS. The form may be submitted electronically via our website or on paper, but in all cases, it must be signed by the participant’s parent or legal guardian before the program begins. In the event that you do not submit a valid permission form, your child will not be able to attend our program until you do, and no refund for missed program time will be given. Any release form submitted with alterations will not be considered valid. (Please contact us with any questions or concerns regarding our permission form.) If you decline to sign the permission form as written, your child may not participate in Drama by George programs.

3. DROPPING OFF YOUR CHILD FOR DRAMA CAMPS AND MORNING DRAMA CLUBS. When you register your child for a drama program, you’re also committing to drop them off at or before the published starting time. Students who arrive late can cause a significant disruption to our rehearsals, so please make every effort to arrive on time. However, don’t drop your child off too early — our teaching artist may not be present! We cannot be responsible for supervising children who are dropped off at the program site more than ten minutes early.

4. PICKING UP YOUR CHILD FROM DRAMA CAMPS AND AFTERNOON DRAMA CLUBS. When you register your child for a drama program, you’re also committing to pick them up in a timely fashion. To help ensure student safety, we may ask that you come into the building to sign out your child and display a valid, state-issued photo ID. We understand that occasionally, circumstances may prevent you from arriving at our scheduled ending time, and for that matter, our rehearsals may run a few minutes late on occasion. So we build a 10-minute grace period into our schedule: If you pick up your child no more than 10 minutes after our scheduled ending time, there is no penalty. However, our instructors frequently have other commitments after teaching a drama club or drama camp, and they cannot supervise your child for an extended period. Therefore, if you pick up your child more than 10 minutes after the scheduled end time of an activity, the following policy will apply. IF YOU ARRIVE TO PICK UP YOUR CHILD MORE THAN 10 (BUT LESS THAN 30) MINUTES AFTER OUR SCHEDULED ENDING TIME: The first time you pick up your child late, we will send you a written notice, usually by email, which explains our late pickups policy. (In the event that we fail to send you a written notice, you are still responsible to pay the late fees outlined in the following section, as you agreed to this policy when registering your child for the program.) If you pick up your child late a second time in the same semester of drama club (or the same summer for a drama camp), we charge a fee of $2 per minute after the first 10 minutes, with a $20 minimum. (For example, if you arrive 15 minutes after the scheduled dismissal time, you owe the $20 minimum. If you arrive 25 minutes late, you owe $30.) The amount due must be paid directly to the instructor supervising your child, in cash, before your child may return to drama club or drama camp. If you are late picking up your child for a third time in the same semester (or the same summer for a drama camp), your child will not be permitted to return to drama club or drama camp, and no refund will be issued. IF AT ANY TIME YOU ARRIVE TO PICK UP YOUR CHILD 30 MINUTES OR MORE AFTER OUR SCHEDULED ENDING TIME, your child will not be permitted to return to drama club or drama camp, and no refund will be issued.

5. ABOUT CANCELLATIONS AND REFUNDS. In the event that you cancel your chid’s program registration for any reason, we will issue a full refund, less a $25 administrative fee, within five business days of the date you inform us in writing of your decision to cancel. Refunds will be issued by means of (a) a check mailed to the address you specified in your registration, OR (b) a credit to the credit/ debit card you used during the registration process. (The refund method is at our sole discretion.) Refunds are available only until five business days before the program begins. For example, if your program begins on Monday, January 30, 2023, we must receive your refund request by Monday, January 23. NO REFUNDS will be issued after that date. Of course, in the event that we cancel a program due to lack of enrollment, you will receive a full refund with no administrative fees deducted. We will issue your refund within five business days of the scheduled start date of the cancelled program. All refunds will take additional time to reach you after they are issued by us. Mailed checks require time in transit, and your financial institution may take up to ten business days to credit your account after we submit a credit/ debit card refund on our end. Thank you for your patience.

6. ABOUT RETURNED CHECKS, OVERPAYMENTS, AND UNDERPAYMENTS. We strongly recommend that you pay for our programs securely online using your credit or debit card. If you pay by check and your payment is returned unpaid by your financial institution, we charge a fee of $25 (or the maximum amount allowed by law). This fee, as well as the full amount of your bounced check, must be paid in cash to Drama by George before your child may attend our program. If you pay with cash (to cover a bounced check or for any other reason), please use exact change. We do not issue refunds for overpayments (for example, if you submit $150 for a drama club that costs $149). If you underpay, your registration will be considered unpaid until we receive the full balance due.

7. ABOUT MISSED SESSIONS. We do not provide refunds if your child misses one or more scheduled sessions of a drama club or drama camp (including the performance), whether due to illness or any other cause. If your child is participating in a program that involves the production of a play and they miss more than two rehearsals for any reason, we reserve the right to reassign them to a smaller role (which may be a nonspeaking role) following the second absence. This is to ensure that the our entire cast is able to adequately prepare for the performance.

8. DISCIPLINARY ISSUES. We will communicate our behavioral expectations (rules) for the program in which your child enrolls, usually in a letter that’s sent home with your child after the first session of the program, and/ or in the days following the first session in an email that’s sent to the email address(es) provided by the child’s parent(s). In the letter and/ or email, we will also explain our progressive discipline plan, detailing the consequences for students who choose not to follow the rules. The progressive discipline plan includes a provision for removing students from the program in the event that they repeatedly fail to meet our expectations. If your child is removed from the program for poor behavior under the terms of the progressive discipline plan, they will not be permitted to attend any more sessions of the program or to participate with other students in the program’s culminating performance. No refund will be issued for any amount of the tuition paid. In the event that a student (a) causes physical injury to another student or a Drama by George staff member, or (b) in our sole discretion, causes a disruption to the classroom environment that is severe enough to prevent other students from learning, we may expel the offending student from a drama program without prior notice, and without following the usual steps in the progressive discipline plan, upon issuing a refund for the child’s tuition (if any).

DO YOU HAVE QUESTIONS? Please feel free to contact us.

Updated November 8, 2023