The Fine Print

We’ve tried to keep the base price for our performances and workshops as low as possible. We really do understand how limited school budgets can be! However, if you need more than one session to accommodate your students, or if we travel more than 20 miles to your location, we add to the base price in order to fairly compensate our artists for their time and gas. Keep reading for pricing details, or contact us for a custom price quote.

About the base price

The cost of a single presentation can be found on the home page for the program in which you’re interested. (For example, the base price for a performance of Stories Alive! as of fall 2022 is $350.)

A single presentation is limited in size

We place limits on group size to ensure that every student has a positive experience. If you’d like us to serve additional students, a second session on the same date in the same location is available for a discounted rate. (The amount of the discount depends upon the program you’ve chosen; please contact us for the exact rate.) We don’t schedule programs for groups larger than the capacity listed on a program’s home page. For example, the capacity for Stories Alive! is 200 students. If you want us to serve 300 students, we’ll need to schedule two sessions. Our workshop sizes are capped to ensure that every student has the opportunity to participate in the activities. Our performance sizes are capped because of the inherent limitations of live theatre: actors start to look like ants beyond a certain distance, and even with microphones, they become hard to hear and understand in large rooms.

We charge for mileage if you’re outside Metro Louisville

A mileage charge equal to the current IRS rate for business travel ($0.625 per mile in fall 2022) applies for destinations outside of a 20-mile radius, one way, from our office near downtown Louisville, Kentucky. For example, if your school is 40 miles away from our office, that means a round trip distance of 80 miles. At $0.625 per mile, the charge will be $50. If you’d like us to deliver programs at two schools in your district on the same day, we’ll be happy to split up the mileage charges and save everybody some money! We base mileage on the route provided by Google Maps from our office to your address.

Traveling takes time

If traveling to your location takes 30 minutes or more one way, we charge $25 per hour, per artist for our time on the road (rounded to the nearest quarter-hour). For example, if your school is located 25 minutes from our office, there’s no charge. However, if you’re located 90 minutes from our office, that means a round-trip travel time of three hours. If your program involves one performer, you pay $25 per hour, for a total of $75. We base charges on the time estimate provided by Google Maps to travel from our office to your address. There is an additional charge for overnight travel based upon the actual cost of hotel accommodations and a per diem rate of $50 per actor to cover meals and incidental expenses.

Schedule multiple performances around the same time

We encourage you to schedule multiple sessions (at the same school on the same date) with one hour or less separating them. There is no charge for our artists’ “down time” between shows if it lasts one hour or less. For example, you might schedule assemblies from 10-11 am and 12-1 pm. Since most of our performances run about an hour, there’s only a one-hour break between shows, and therefore no additional charge. If you choose to schedule programs more than one hour apart, a fee of $25 per hour, per artist applies after the first hour. For example, if you schedule performances from 10-11 am and 2-3 pm (perhaps to allow for lunch periods), there are three hours between the shows. If the performance involves two actors, a fee of $25 x 2 actors x 2 hours applies after the first hour, for a total of $100.

Paying by credit card

Our program prices assume that you will pay by school purchase order or check. If you choose to pay by credit or debit card, there will be a convenience fee of 3% (with a $10 minimum) applied to your total invoice. This amount covers the fees we pay to process card transactions.

Updated April 19, 2023