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Easter Readings

Dramatic Readings for Holy Week and Easter




Dramatic Reading


2-5 Storytellers per reading


3-8 minutes per reading


High School, College/ Adult

Six thought-provoking selections address the Last Supper, the cross, the resurrection, and other key events of Holy Week. WE WANT BARABBUS: Barabbus was the criminal released in place of Christ. How did it feel to get a reprieve from certain death . . . and what does his experience mean for us? (Mark 15:6-15) VEIL OF DARKNESS: When Jesus bore our sins, the fellowship of the Trinity was broken for the first and last time. A veil of darkness fell between the Father and the Son. (Matthew 27:45-56) THE REST OF THE PROPHESY: Nobody in the first century expected Jesus to rise from the dead. We know better in the 21st century, but sometimes, we're still tempted to live like Jesus stayed dead. (Isaiah 53, Luke 23:50-24:12) AFTER THE ROOSTER: Peter blew it when he denied Christ. We've all blown it, too. What does Jesus' restoration of Peter mean for us? (John 21) BETRAYAL AND LOVE: Jesus washed Peter's feet in the Upper Room . . . but he also washed the feet of Judas. What were the two men thinking while Jesus cleansed their soles? (John 13) PARADISE: Jesus wasn't the only one crucified on Good Friday. How did the "good thief" who died beside Christ interpret his sacrifice? (Luke 23:39-43)

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