Spotlight Artist Residency

Develop Acting Skills with Fun Theatre Games

  • Artist Residency
  • Grades K-5
  • 5 Sessions x 90 Minutes
  • Up to 20 Students
  • 1550

Drama has never been this much fun!

One of the coolest things about drama is that you can learn a lot by playing silly games! In each session of this highly-interactive program, we’ll put the spotlight on a different acting skill, from pantomime (acting without words) to developing a character. We’ll guide students through hands-on practice with every skill as they play the games and try out the activities that make up Spotlight.

Young actors have the opportunity to give a very brief performance for their peers during each session, and we can add an optional parent showcase at the end of our final meeting (add $150 for a showcase). Educators and parents will be glad that Spotlight builds confidence, teamwork skills, and creativity. Kids will be glad that Spotlight is a lot of fun!

Why Spotlight is Awesome

A Complete Performing Arts Program

We provide a comprehensive performing arts program that includes a highly-qualified teaching artist, fun and age-appropriate activities, and (if the students perform for their parents) portable stage curtains.

No-fear performing arts

Spotlight is a non-threatening introduction to theatre. We’ve never met a kid who doesn’t like hands-on learning! Since the program is activity-based, we minimize stage fright while building confidence.

Absences are no problem

If you’re putting on a play, students missing rehearsals can be a big deal. But in Spotlight, we focus on a different skill each week. That means that if a student misses one session, she can return the following day with no problem.

Why Choose Drama by George?

  1. We Believe in Kids. Educational theatre isn’t a small part of what we do — it’s the main thing we do. We’ve offered character-building programs for children and teens since 2007.
  2. A Proven Concept. Thousands of Kentuckiana students have benefitted from our classroom and out of school time programs since 2009. Young actors frequently enjoy our programs so much that they return again and again!
  3. You’ll Deal with the Artistic Director. We take pride in being a locally-owned small business. If you ever experience a problem with your program, contact George Halitzka, our Artistic Director. He’ll do everything he can to resolve the problem — personally.

What Educators and Parents Are Saying

"Drama by George is an outstanding opportunity for kids to learn [theatre] skills and discover themselves."
- David Schlarb, Parent of a 4th Grader (Louisville, KY)

"I appreciate Drama by George's flexibility in bringing what we need...for our population."
- Amanda McLendon, Elementary Afterschool Program Manager, Youth Link Southern Indiana (Jeffersonville, IN)

Spotlight is also available as an after-school program. Contact us for details.


The price shown above is subject to change. A travel charge applies for destinations outside of a 20-mile radius from our office near downtown Louisville.