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  • Easter Readings

    Six thought-provoking selections address the Last Supper, the cross, the resurrection, and other key events of Holy Week.

    2-5 Storytellers per reading

    3-8 minutes per reading

    High School, College/ Adult

  • Hackerspace

    Lizzie Miraldi is having a rough life. Yes, she attends a fancy private school, but her family can only afford it because her mom’s the school janitor.

    3 Males, 3 Females, 3 Any Gender

    80 minutes

    High School, College/ Adult

  • Robin Hood in the Wild West

    Cowgirl Robin Hood just wants a little fun at the end of a long cattle drive. But then she meets Sheriff Danielle Nottingham, a lawwoman who’s so crooked she can’t even see straight.

    3 Males, 10 Females

    25 minutes

    Middle School, High School

  • The Bully Game

    It’s a brand-new game show at your school: Three bullies compete to see who can to the best job of abusing their victim.

    2 Males, 3 Females

    20 minutes

    Middle School, High School

  • You Want Change for That Quarter?

    George and Laura, a newlywed couple, critically observe other people’s giving to charity. After many snide comments, they finally make their own meager (and self-righteous) contribution.

    3 Males, 4 Females

    8 minutes

    College/ Adult, High School